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Wrapla For Advertisers

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Wrapla’s design team will work hand-in-hand with you to create the right message to display on vehicle.

Service and Support
Wrapla’s operations, customer service and support functions provide our drivers with on-boarding, configuration support, troubleshooting, billing and more.

Analytics (Coming Soon)
Advertisers and marketers get access to powerful tracking and demographic data to refine and literate advertising campaigns.

What do you gain by advertising with Wrapla ?
Integrated Platform
Access our proprietary dashboard to create, manage, or mobilise your campaign.
Track your drivers' progress and access your campaign analytics.

Your Brand Anywhere
Target a particular area or an entire city
We will look for the right drivers for your campaign

Speedy Setup
We will get your campaign running in as little as TWO weeks.
Unlike traditional Out-of-Home solutions, there's no permit or approvals needed.

Flexible Payment Schemes
Choose a low monthly payment plan or pay per kilometer, it's up to you.

We will provide you with standard routes covered by our drivers.
Granular data of each campaign.

For Drivers

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